600 lb Robot Celebrities Dazzle Crowds!

Most people think chatting with intelligent robots only happens in movies.
  RoboMedia has convinced tens of millions of people otherwise! Since 1979, we've specialized in building and using custom entertainment robots to amaze audiences worldwide.

Adding a robot entertainer to your corporate guest list will make your event unforgettable! Our celebrity robots are the ultimate hosts, ice-breakers and merry makers.

Your entertainment robot host can greet visitors, recognize VIPs, entertain customers, promote products, deliver special presentations, participate in award ceremonies and create great photo opportunities!

Why use robotic media? 

RoboMedia's robot entertainers command attention in any environment!
Our dynamic 6 foot tall robots are  colorful, fast, loud and completely interactive. These entertainment robots actually carry on lively conversations with amazed audiences using custom scripted information and music.

Our robots can even feature corporate logos and signage like this robotSEGA tradeshow in Los Angeles entertainer promoting SEGA Channel at a trade show in Los Angeles. And with 100% mobility your robot host can go anywhere to generate crowds, interact and effectively energize your event.

Companies spend tens  of thousands of dollars to appear at trade shows and sponsor special events. Our entertainment robots are an economical, entertaining way to become the center of attention and to guarantee making unforgettable impressions in any venue.

What makes entertainment robots so effective for Special Events?

Ad agency yacht partyOur robots literally reach out to touch your audience!
Unlike conventional media, RoboMedia's unique entertainment robots convey information on every level, using verbal, visual, auditory, written, kinetic and kinesthetic techniques. All of these communication techniques are  entirely interactive when delivered with our mobile robot media platforms.

How do the robots work?

RoboMedia's proprietary control systems enable concealed trainedoperators to control every aspect of the entertainment robot shows in real time. No automated system comes close to the high energy interaction we achieve. This special effects system uses special effects techniques  like those in movies and on TV to stimulate crowds and to make your events unforgettable.

Who uses entertainment robots?

Blue Cross robot with Mayor Rendell of Philadelphia
Corporations, theme parks, malls, museums, hospitals and schools use RoboMedia every day. Our robots are always entertaining, and most  clients add educational and marketing messages to the shows. Corporate clients include AETNA, AT&T, Cigna, Comcast, First Union, Kodak, IBM, Blue Cross, Merck, NBC, NYNEX, Owens Corning, Panasonic, Pratt & Whitney, SEGA and Unisys. The  photo on your left was taken at a Prudential technology expo. Large or small, each client accomplishes their specific communication goals using entertainment robots.

Now that you know what our entertainment robots do at special events, it's time for the next step . . .

Quick tips on adding
RoboMedia to your special event

This one page primer answers commonly asked questions and shows you just how easy and economical it is for robot entertainers to amaze your guests.



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