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Viacom - New York CityHow does your company make unforgettable impressions?

Our client corporations use high visibility robot celebrities  to market products and services.  This breakthrough in interactive media guarantees:

  • More powerful consumer impressions
  • More memorable special events
  • More effective sales promotions
  • More community interaction
  • Excellent media visibility

A quick robotic application review:

Since 1979, RoboMedia's Electronic Personalities (or EP robots) have fascinated Europeans and North Americans with thousands of live performances. Their intriguing combination of "high tech" robotic looks and "high touch" interactive personalities holds proven appeal for all types of audiences and all age  groups.

  • Corporate clients have used EP robots to make millions of direct consumer marketing contacts.
  • EP robots also generate millions of dollars worth of positive media coverage for corporate sponsors.
  • Custom robot mascots are powerful, unique medium to promote your corporation's image and message to the public.
  • This page is about corporate marketing  and public relations campaigns that use robots.
  • For info on using robots for corporate special events, please visit how robots energize meetings, company events, family days and parties.

How do corporations use robots for public relations?

The most effective format we've found to get corporate  marketing and PR results is Educational Outreach Marketing or EOM. EOM format benefits include:

  • High corporate visibility
  • Unforgettable contacts with children, families, government  officials and the media.
  • Economical - adaptable to different budgets
  • Highly mobile - adaptable to different markets
  • Easily targeted to specific areas and demographics
  • Immediate, measurable consumer and media feedback
  • Unique program that competitors can't copy
  • Enhanced community image and interaction 

How do robot outreach programs work?

EOM programs use three components customized to each company's specific marketing and PR objectives:

  1. Sponsor relevant educational message:
    Custom programs and materials include information about health, home safety, environmental  issues, or other important topics the sponsor chooses.
  2. Custom corporate mascot robots:
    These unique corporate representatives deliver entertaining interactive presentations  throughout any target market area.
  3. Community service format:
    Giving educational robot presentations to appropriate groups is what makes EOM work well.  Corporations gain visibility and direct consumer contacts while providing valuable  community services.

Where do corporations use robotic representatives?

A company's marketing objectives and format determine the most  effective final venues. Sites already hosting robotic outreach presentations for companies  include:

  • Community events
  • Convention centers
  • Museums
  • Local television and radio studios
  • Public & private elementary schools
  • Shopping malls and retail locations
  • Universities and colleges

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