Since 1979, RoboMedia has been developing, refining and using robots for all types of communication applications.  The high-tech robotic characters you'll see here also have high-touch personalities that give them magnetic crowd pleasing abilities.  We call them Electronic Personalities, or EPs for short.

Travel World conference with the Florida Key crewRemember that what makes this technology so exciting is that it's real!   All the robots you'll meet here are ready to work for you at your location now.

Unfortunately, nothing you see or read here compares with meeting and interacting with an EP in person.

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See the Robot in action!
Check out this 60 second RoboMedia animation - It demonstrates all of our key robot features.  Click here.

Now that you're an EP expert, link to this site to find out exactly how corporations, educators, party planners and other folks are using EP robots.

What's a close encounter with an EP really like?

    Like all great communicators, EPs engage people with warm, entertaining personalities.  Their "high-touch" style goes far beyond the limitations of passive electronic mediums so audiences have a truly unforgettable encounter: 

    100% interactive - EP robots respond instantly and often spontaneously. They may be cute, humorous, clever, serious or loving, but they always get their message across.

    100% mobile - These robots are fast and they perform on any smooth, hard surface. They move through doors and crowds with absolute precision, allowing them to go from location to location quickly. This means that a single EP can cover a large area with ease. EPs can also travel to multiple show locations in a single day using a custom van.

    EPs speak your language - Whatever it is! Custom scripting and program preparation lets our clients use EPs to interact with any audience: young or old, in any language, from any cultural background.

    The ultimate software - They say clothes make the man. We apply that to robots. All EPs have soft fabric accessories like hands, hats and upholstered "laps" (to sit on for photos!). Even the youngest kids have fun shaking hands and getting hugs from EPs.

    A close encounter of the best kind - Meeting an EP is magical and memorable. We hope you'll have the opportunity soon!

What "high tech" features do our robots have?

    Our robots are loaded with features that give them robotic charm and help them interact with humans:

    Design - Colorful and complex geometric shapes, flashing lights and plenty of visible electronic components satisfy even the most hard-core Popular Mechanics reader.

    Powerful voice sound systems - EPs bring their own on-board mobile sound system that adjusts for any venue.  So, if an EP is teaching a group of 250 excited children in a school gym, leading a group of visitors through a science museum, entertaining shoppers in a mall or promoting products at a trade show, the audience hears the message loud and clear.

    Digital music & sound effects - EPs are equipped with 200 watt sound systems, which is usually plenty (and we would be happy to build one with "More power!" for you Home Improvement fans). In addition to digital quality, the systems also offer digital flexibility so EPs can quickly add new music and effects for special presentations.

    Printed material dispenser - EPs distribute coupons, stickers, pamphlets and just about any type of flat printed material. Also, they can distribute multiple types of materials at the same time, for example a sticker to a child and a brochure to the parent.

    Programmable L.E.D. display - Everyone likes to see their name in lights. This bright LED display is how EPs convey written information.

    Fine Corinthian Leather & Dashboard Bud Vase - Coming next year.

    100% Mechanical Warranty - This feature may sound funny, unless you ever bought another robot for your company.  We learned to build our robots to deliver reliable service at every performance, year after year.  If we didn't, we couldn't make this guarantee.

Why are EP robots terrific communication tools?

    Because they use the most powerful communication methods possible. EPs convey information using verbal, visual, auditory, written, kinetic, and kinesthetic techniques. All of which are entirely interactive from the EP platform.

    This multimedia versatility makes these robots outstanding for education, marketing and entertainment. Other key points are:

    Unique medium - How do you break through the information clutter to deliver your message? Teachers, corporations, museums and the media all face the challenge of delivering their messages in a highly competitive environment. EPs deliver information in an interactive way that's entirely new and a way that people remember.

    Unlimited language capability - Like a television or computer, EPs are a communications medium that let's you deliver your message in any language and directed to any type of audience. Our clients decide the EP's script, jargon, language and message.

    Unlimited cultural appeal - One thing we've discovered in using robots is that they appeal to all types of people. They aren't from any specific ethnic group so they appeal to all of them. People actually project their own cultural roots onto the robot making EPs true ambassadors of good will that can cross any cultural boundary.

Who are some EP "Stars" I might recognize?

    We've promised all our robots their own personal home pages, causing a lot of commotion in our shop. But, such frivolities will take time. While we're waiting for them to make up improbable stories about themselves and have professional portraits taken and retouched, our founding robot has taken a few moments to put some facts together:

Foobie D. Robot Home Page

    Foobie, AKA FUBAR, was RoboMedia's Founder.  His spotted history goes all the way back to 1979.  He's made numerous command performances in Europe and the Middle East but his real claim to fame was as a regular on an NBC sitcom.  His list of celebrity friends reads like STAR magazine (in fact, Foobie's been in STAR magazine a few times).   Check Foobie out here!

Who builds EPs (and how do I get my hands on one)?

    Ya know, it's funny.  The robots where wondering how to get their hands on you, too!  RoboMedia, Inc. invented and built the first Electronic Personalities (EPs) in 1979.  Since then, they've specialized in using EPs to interact with humans on behalf of their clients worldwide.

    With more than 24 years of robot presentation experience, RoboMedia can create an EP that embodies your special themes, colors, logos, and features.  Most important, RoboMedia offers turn-key presentations as well as turn-key installations that include training and service.  Whichever style you choose, they'll help you use your robot communicator most effectively.

    Hiring an EP is easier and a lot less expensive than you might think.  EP services are available for short presentations, for long term campaigns and for permanent installations.  Each type of EP use has a variety of cost options to meet your objectives and budget.  

    Please contact RoboMedia for details.



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