Gizmo visits ARAMARK - Global Leader in Managed Services

Philadelphia, PA
ARAMARK introduced employees to its new "MyAssistant™" integrated communication program with a very special RoboMedia assistant; Gizmo!

Gizmo toured ARAMARK's world headquarters promoting a special "MyAssistant™" technical introduction to amazed employees. The interactive robot representative added excitement to ARAMARK's event and made sure word got around the building . . . fast!

Clients worldwide rely on ARAMARK to provide turn-key support to a wide range of business operations including catering, meeting planning, education, janitorial services, recreational activities, job training, corporate apparel and much more.

With ARAMARK services in place, clients can focus on their business' core competencies; building their business, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving employee morale. To find our more about ARAMARK, please visit their website at

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