Using RoboMania™ on campus guarantees a 21st Century roving ruckus.  And, hey, it will even be safe when we're Y2K compliant (by 2001 at the latest).  We're kidding!

Our robot entertainers talk, joke, interact with students by name, play music, promote upcoming events and chew gum (but never in class).  They make great photo ops, can display your Alma Mater's logos and even distribute your printed materials like flyers, bumperstickers and coupons.

Not only is this the most *amazing* act you can bring to your school, it's also the EASIEST . . .

STAGE?  Don't want it.  This act is 100% MOBILE!

LIGHTING?  Our bots look great in ANY light!

SET-UP ASSISTANCE?  Zero.  These machines were BUILT ready!

SOUND SYSTEM?  Built in!  200 Watts of digital R&R.

Contact RoboMedia today to get the best invention since Cliffs Notes on your campus.  For immediate info just call the GG Greg Agency in Cleveland at (216) 692-1193


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