Welcome to Event Solutions 2000!

What a week it was in beautiful Atlanta!  To see larger images, click the link below your favorite photo (note that full size image pages are 300-400k and will take a minute to load).


Meeting and greeting on the tradeshow floor

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Gala Event at Atlanta's SciTrek Science Museum
Carrie McQueen and Gizmo meet and greet

Stephanie Ann and her manager get the best seat in the house

Gizmo volunteers to play second fiddle anytime

Welcoming celebs from Foxwoods Casino

Sunshine is one of the cutest Puppet People

Bad Boys

Gizmo was finally released on his own recognizance

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Some of our delightful fellow exhibitors . . . 

Kohler Power - Gizmo's favorite place to get a 
little juice . . . 110 or 220! 

Angel Autumn from 
Seven Course Theater

Stephanie Ann - the hottest violin act in the world

East Coast Entertainment

Zeigler & Co beautified our row in more ways than one!

The Strong Lighting Team - the only guys who can put Gizmo 
on the spot!

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