Meetings and Conferences

RoboMedia is a terrific way to energize your company's next meeting or conference.

A robot host is a great catalyst to get guests to interact with your theme and with each other.  Clients use our robots to welcome guests to registration and special events, add excitement to presentations, direct guests to different functions and to mingle during breaks.

Your robot host is 100% mobile, so you can use him anywhere you need to add some fun.  Wherever you decide, he'll provide music, lively conversation and great photo opportunities to make your function unforgettable.

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Prudential's MC The best seat at the tech conference! Prudential meet & greet
Prudential families loved Gizmo, too.
Rogers & Cowan Public Relations in Los Angeles
The ultimate interactive media for meetings
I love this guy!
Totally interactive
Excuse me, is that seat taken?
A pleasure to welcome you to Impact Unlimited
Gizmo greets at Viacom