May 22, 1999 Red Hat

Here's a company (and a movement!) that knows how to throw a party!  And what better way to entertain guests at an exclusive Linux Expo '99 reception than to have a robotic host with the most?

Red Hat Software is the world's best source for Linux, which has been called "the best computer operating system that money can't buy!"  That's because it's FREE!  Since Linux Expo '99, RoboMedia has converted its website server to Red Hat Linux.  We're delighted with the results but what do you think?  This page and our entire site are based on the Linux platform.

The next step?  Soon our robots will have Linux inside, too!  RoboMedia is now upgrading its robot digital sound systems to a Linux-based software that will give us an even greater selection of music and sound effects.  But enough of this serious talk.  Check out that party!

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