Company Signage

Custom signage makes your robot a rolling billboard for your company

  • It's easy and economical to add your company's name and logos to the robot for your event.
  • Custom signage increases your visibility to audiences and the media.  It also creates memorable photo opportunities for your group.
  • For long term contracts, clients can select many custom decoration, color and signage options.
  • For single events and short-term appearances, we offer custom signage for the robot side panels and speaker grills.


Custom Signage Tips

  • Go for bold, simple designs that will show up well at a distance.
  • Coordinate the sign background color with the robot color when possible
  • The average cost for side panel signage is $300 per pair, including simple design layout.  We produce your signs in 4 colors on Tuf-Flex plastic sheeting.
  • Speaker grill signage is additional and only works with small or round simple logos.  See photos below for ideas.
  • Robot signs are re-usable  If you're planning multiple events you only need one set of signs.