"We have  museum event marketing
 down to a science!"

This distinctive marketing strategy uses a new robotic  communication medium that:

  • Maximizes museum visibility
  • Maximizes sponsor participation
  • Maximizes member excitement
  • Maximizes any museum's educational reach
  • and maximizes museum income opportunities . . .

Electronic Personalities are unique communication tools with a solid track record of success. Their  intriguing combination of "high tech" robotic looks and "high touch"  interactive personalities have proven appeal with all types of audiences.

Since 1979, our robots have fascinated millions of people with live European and North American performances.

They've generated millions of dollars worth of income, as well as millions of dollars worth of media coverage for clients.

They've even helped millions of children by delivering a scientifically validated, award winning life skills curriculum.

What could your museum do with its own robot mascot?

  • Through a series of economical program options you can find out.  These robotic marketing and communication tools are now available to museums worldwide.
  • The museum programs include creation and turn-key installation of a  custom robot mascot at your facility. Comprehensive training and development delivers the  results described above through a format called Educational Outreach Marketing.  Here's a brief overview: 

Educational . . .

  • Having a custom multi-media robot as your museum's resident  "guest instructor" guarantees a new level of community excitement, involvement  and support for your facility.
  • EP robots command the attention of every age and ethnic group, making  them an ideal liaison between your museum and your entire market area.
  • Since 1986, educators, parents  and government officials and children have praised  our robot-delivered educational programs. With an EP  mascot, all these programs can be immediately available for your use.
  • Your museum can also use its multi-media robot for your own specific  educational, outreach and marketing objectives.

Outreach . . .

In addition to educational and income generating applications at your  facility, your museum's custom robot mascot is also a 100% mobile ambassador of good  will.

Wherever your robot mascot appears, it embodies your museum's  theme and delivers your message.

Each custom EP installation includes development of a variety of  custom presentation formats for community and media interaction.

To achieve the best results, your museum can target presentations  anywhere in your market area:

  • School outreach
  • Media appearances
  • Fund raising events
  • Special museum events
  • Civic & charitable groups
  • Shopping mall exhibits
  • Community events
  • Trade shows
  • Hospitals


Best of all, all these robot programs give your museum significant  income and PR benefits while making important educational contributions to your community.

Our proven robot programs guarantee results, including:

  • Increasing museum visibility & attendance
  • Attracting sponsor funding
  • Maximizing community networking opportunities
  • Increasing group sales
  • Increasing special event income & profitability
  • Attracting free media coverage
  • Enhancing your community service image

For detailed income and cost information for your facility, please contact RoboMedia directly.


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