Quick Tips on Adding Robot  Entertainers
to Special Events

 Where do entertainment robots get rave reviews?

Since 1979, we've received accolades for every type of special event:

Corporate receptions


Sales meetings

Award dinners

Mall promotions

Museum events

Grand openings

Media events

Trade shows

Employee seminars

Black tie affairs

Theme park shows

Family days

Fund raisers

Sales presentations

Private parties

Where can our robot entertainers perform and for how long?

  • Anywhere with a hard, flat surface.  Because our robots are 100% mobile, they're ideal for special events at large venues with lots of  people including convention centers, corporate headquarters, theme parks, schools, colleges, stadiums, hospitals, museums and hotels.
  • Our special event day includes up to 120 minutes of mobile showtime packed with non-stop interaction and custom entertainment.  Most clients schedule three 40 minute or two 60 minute performances daily.  For special situations, clients can increase show times with optional staff  and equipment modifications.

What three things do I have to provide for an exceptional special event?

  1. Detailed information on your theme, guests and  objectives to help us customize your entertainment robot show scripting and presentation.
  2. A private robot storage room accessible to the special event show area. The room needs a standard electrical outlet.
  3. An assistant to walk with the robot entertainer during  shows to assist with crowd control (no skill required).

What should I avoid when adding entertainment robots  to my event?

  1. The robots can not go on unpaved surfaces or up steps.  
    Any handicap accessible area or facility can accommodate our  entertainment robots, indoors or out.
  2. Avoid putting your robot entertainer where it's dark and noisy  
    (e.g. next to a band).  Your audience will enjoy our robot entertainment most  where they can chat and interact.

What will it cost to hire an entertainment  robot for my special event?

  1. Daily rate - The rate is $1,500 for turnkey operation, plus travel and transport.  This includes custom scripting, set-up at your show location, an experienced entertainment robot operator, and up to 120 minutes of custom showtime (usually three 40 minute performances).  Discounts are  available for multiple dates and extended  appearances.  Your only other expense is one hotel room for each event day booked, and transport charges (if applicable).
  2. Transport - We dispatch an entertainment robot and  trained operator to your show site in a specially equipped vehicle from Philadelphia, PA  for a flat rate of $1 per mile.  This transport fee includes transport  for the robot and operator, operator lodging, meals and salary during transport, and all  vehicle expenses.  Air freight is available for special situations.  Transport is FREE within 75 miles of Philadelphia, PA.
  3. Decor options -  We can add your corporate name and logos to an entertainment robot for under $500. To see examples of robot signage, please click here.  Quotes to modify robot shapes, features and  colors are available on request.

Can I purchase RoboMedia equipment and training for my facility?

  • Yes.  A limited number of units annually are available for fixed site installations.  Now your theme park, casino or tourist facility can have its own custom entertainment robot celebrity.  Our complete  facility packages include a variety of design, decoration, training and maintenance  options.   Equipment leasing is available to US buyers.  Visit our Tourist Venues section for details.

How do I book an entertainment robot for my special  event?

  • You can call us directly, or work through your regular event planner.
  • RoboMedia provides turn-key robot entertainment.  We will help you with application planning,  theme  integration, custom scripting, special printed materials, transport and robot decoration for your specific use.
  • For immediate information, please call 609-261-2162.
  • [Robots are based in New York and Florida]
  • Or click here for our convenient inquiry form.  We will reply within 48 hours.

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