RoboMedia Timeline

The chronology below shows how the concepts described on this site evolved:

1977 - Kent Davis and David GoWell design and build special effects for TV magician Doug Henning's live NBC TV special.

1978 - Davis and GoWell form GoWell & Kent - The Illusion Engineers to create marketing programs using special effects for corporate clients.

1979 - Davis and GoWell invent interactive robots with multimedia communication abilities called Electronic Personalities (EPs). That year, they began developing applications for this new medium in the areas of marketing, education and entertainment.

1980 - RoboMedia, Inc. is incorporated in the state of NJ. To prove that they take all this very seriously, RM's robot character Foobie announced his candidacy for President of the United States during a press conference at the National Press Building in Washington D.C. AP and UPI wire stories showing Foobie campaigning in front of the White House are published worldwide.

1981 - Foobie became the first RM robot in Europe with a series of performances in London, including a feature interview on BBC.

1983 - Foobie goes to Hollywood and becomes guest star on NBC's hit show Silver Spoons with Ricky Schroeder.

1979-1984 - RM uses their robots to produce shopping mall merchandising and entertainment events. Industry publication JONESREPORT published more than 1000 **** ratings from mall marketing managers for G&K's robotic events.

1985 - RM designs a custom robot mascot and complete robotic marketing program for the DeBartolo chain of 72 US shopping malls.

1986 - In cooperation with an expert development team, RM develops the first formal educational curriculum designed for robotic implementation in elementary schools: The Million Dollar Machine life skills enrichment program.

1987 - RM creates a school-based national public relations program for a major corporate client. The program generates more than $1,000,000 in positive media coverage during its first year.

1988 - RM builds a custom robot mascot and designs a school and community based public relations program for a regional health insurance provider.

1989 - President Bush recognizes the MDM program with a Presidential Award at the White House.

1990 - G&K's Million Dollar Machine program receives the International Council of Shopping Centers MAXI Award for Marketing Excellence

1991 - MDM archives are organized for publication featuring dozens of awards, city and state proclamations and comments from professional educators praising its effectiveness.

1992 - Columbia University, the University of Medicine New Jersey and Vanderveer Research Institute simultaneously release scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of G&K's educational MDM curricula.

1993 - A group of non-profit foundations join forces to fund a three year educational outreach giving MDM to tens of thousands of inner city children in Newark, NJ and New York City.

1994 - G&K's robot teachers go on a national tour of US children's hospitals to introduce the Super Power Tour healing curriculum.

1995 - The number of US students that have experienced the MDM curriculum's live robotic introduction tops 2,000,000. RM introduces an EP program exclusively for museums. The income producing program includes RoboMedia's corporate Educational Outreach Marketing package to maximize museum visibility and media interaction.

1995 - RoboMedia licenses it's technology to Siam Inter Active Media, Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand for ongoing research on interactive robotic systems.

1997 - With new infusions of capital and technology, G&K updates its image and becomes RoboMedia, Inc.  It's purpose is to disseminate information using the Internet and develop the next generation of EP robots.

1999 - RoboMedia releases a new robot series with digital sound, all terrain drive system and special electrical effects.  Isle of Capri Casinos hosts celebrity robot appearances nationwide.

2000 - Variety Entertainment features RM's celebrity robot entertainers in more than 30 state fairs across the US.

2001-2003 In collaboration with STAR Media and NJ FamilyCare, RM presents educational programs to tens of thousands of NJ students promoting health care and insurance awareness.




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