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This page links you to data on all types of groups that successfully use robots to market, educate and entertain:


Corporate Events and Marketing


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They're not just for George Lucas anymore! Many Fortune 1000 companies use robots to interact with consumers, employees and the media.  Find out how retailers and public companies have used robot marketing programs to produce proven results.

Meetings, Conferences & Special Events

What's your event?  EP robots entertain and energize corporate affairs, trade shows, grand openings, family days, fund raisers, festivals and even private parties.

Elementary School Programs

Educators, parents and students who want to see robots in the classroom can visit the Million Dollar Machine section.  You'll find a wealth of data on these scientifically validated teaching tools and how to invite a robot to your school.

Hospitals & Caring Institutions

EP robots bring healing messages to thousands of children in caring facilities nationwide. Visit the Super Power Tour page to see robots in hospitals, read comments from caring professionals, and find out how a robot can visit your favorite facility.


Income producing robot programs are available to museums and educational facilities.  The programs combine a permanent on-site custom robotic mascot with proven educational, outreach and fund raising formats.  Visit this area to find out how robots can promote your facility in every part of your market area.

Public Service Organizations & Foundations

Don't let all the fancy chrome plating fool ya . . . EP robots have hearts of gold!  This list shows some of the public service groups that our robots help with fund-raising, entertainment and educational programs.

Universities & Colleges

EP robots don't do term papers but they are funny!   Colleges coast to coast use robots to generate campus excitement.  Maybe your alma mater's among them.  If not, find out how to get a BMOC on campus now!


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